As an outdoor activity, caving is such a thrill and Kenya does not disappoint. Kenya, having seen a fair share of volcanic activity, one needs a lifetime to explore all its caves. Therefore when you set out to undertake this outdoor activity, you are assured of unending adventure. Most caves are lava tube caves, that are created when molten lava flowing downhill solidifies on the surface while still flowing beneath. Holes in the surface layer allowed air to enter behind the lava flow, forming the caves.
Popular Lava tube caves in Kenya include Shetani (Kiswahili for the devil) that is 8 km, Suswa caves near Mai-Mahiu, and Leviathan cave in the Chyulu Hills that is 11km
For more information, contact the Cave Exploration Group of East Africa (CEGEA) or any tour company offering caving as an outdoor activity

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