November 2021
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Sonko’s Budget Committee Scandal

The fallout from Governor Mike Sonko’s impeachment has exposed alleged corrupt dealings at City Hall amid claims that the county government wired millions of shillings to members of the county assembly to try influence them over a disputed budget. According to a letter written by the governor, some MCAs who sit in the 20-member Budget… read more »

Adrian Muteshi, the man who won a land grabbing case against William Ruto

Mr Adrian Gilbert Muteshi, the man who won a land grabbing case against Deputy President William Ruto in 2013, has died. Mr Muteshi died Tuesday, October 27, 2020, according to an obituary placed by his family in the Daily Nation today (Wednesday). The family did not disclose the cause of his death. He was 87. In 2013, the DP was ordered… read more »

MOI AS I KNEW HIM By Oduor Ong’wen

There has been an outpouring of love, adoration and canonisation of former President Daniel arap Moi since the announcement of his death yesterday. I don’t begrudge those trying to sanitise the departed former president and portray him as a saint. They have every right to do so because that is how they knew him. In… read more »

Wajinga Nyinyi hit hits as Intended

In the hit song Wajinga nyinyi King Kaka indicates he his aware of the danger he is exposing himself to. He raps “Wakinisnipe tonight si mnajua ni kwa nini. Nitakufia watu mi siogopi mimi” And yes, without fail the political crass was the first draw the daggers, which is hardly surprising sing that they are… read more »

Moi’s Land Grabbing exposed

A case in which the High court ordered Mr Moi to pay a family sh1 billion for 53 acres acquired illegally, adds to the growing list of suits filed against the former president and which might illuminate the rapacity of the former head state. Rai Ply In May 2019, the High Court in Eldoret, ordered… read more »