Why I’m a Member

This is an excerpt from the Toastmaster of November 2014. It resonates with my reasons for being found in many Toastmasters meetings and in diverse clubs.

I have been a member for about 27 years. Friends ask what it is about Toastmasters that I like so much. After many years of
asking that same question to myself, here is my response.

I like Toastmasters most of all because of the high-calibre people it attracts. Members come from so many different walks of life. There are CEOs, nurses, accountants, janitors, pastors, business owners, clerical workers, teachers and retirees. But they all have one major unifying characteristic: They want to improve who they are and how they communicate with others. In a world filled with whiners and complainers, Toastmasters work to improve their roles in life, whatever they may be, and they make no excuses. They are willing to face their fears and move forward. That, I believe, is the infectious spirit that has attracted so many people from all over the world, and that is why Toastmasters are my kind of people!

Jack C. Mercica, DTM
Power Speakers
Covina, California

Toastmasters in Kenya

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