Who needs voice training

Hundreds of people from around the world secure seats to join virtual retreats where they better their voices. Why do they do it and who are they?

Recently I looked through a comment log of one major voice trainer. The trainer says the voice of Success Lives within everyone. But it is not enough to have the seed. You need to nature it. That’s a big deal. Because no matter what definition of “success” you’re pursuing, you’ll need your voice to get there.
Want examples?
Here’s just a taste of the outcomes your future-fellow Voice of Success Live ticket holders are joining us to accomplish–
Diane registered to communicate better as a coach.
Adam got his ticket because he’s a lawyer and wants to win more cases in the courtroom.
“Ken” signed up to become a great leader for his masterminds.
Laura got her ticket, to help her voice while podcasting.
Corey registered to learn how to connect while promoting his books that help doctors get out of debt.
Angela registered to connect better with her adult kids.
Kacey and Tom both got tickets, so they can communicate better in their marriage.
Stacey signed up to give better interviews so she can get her dream job this year.
“Will” signed up to prepare for his TEDx.
Sam registered for skills that will make her love doing social media videos.
Bobby is an execute and bought his ticket to communicate better with his team.
John got his ticket to presenter better in his online membership course.
Allison signed up because she’s been procrastinating on her book and wants me to help get her spoken voice to align with her written voice, so she can finally defeat writer’s block and get that book out into the world.
…If you want the Old Way of teaching communications—complete with one-size-fits-all icebreaker jokes and quotes attributed to dead people—this is not for you.
…If you want to use the power of influence that comes with mastering voice techniques in order to manipulate or mislead people, that’s never a good goal. Please only use these skills for Good.

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