Where to find pension fund managers

You have just retired and want to invest you pension payments. What are your options? To start with you will need a registered pension fund manager to manage your money and pay you as per your agreed plan. Here are some of the pension fund managers

ABSA Asset Management Limited
Telphone: 204208756
P.O. Box 30120-00100, NAIROBI 1st Floor, Absa Headquarters, Waiyaki Way

African Alliance Kenya Investment Bank Limited
Telphone: 0709 997 000
P.O. Box 27639-00506, NAIROBI 4th Floor, Kenya Re Towers, Upper Hill
2nd Floor, The Exchange, 55 Westlands Road

Altree Capital Kenya Limited
Telphone: 20 7605650
P.O. Box 14500-00800, NAIROBI

Amana Capital Limited
2351738 9480-00100,NAIROBI
Block C, Suite C5, Saachi Plaza, ArgwingsKodhek Rd

Apollo Asset Management Company Limited
Telphone: 3641000
P.O. Box 30389-00100, NAIROBI Apollo Centre, Ringroad, Westlands

Britam Asset Managers Kenya Limited
2833000 30375-00100, NAIROBI Britam Centre, Upper Hill
CIC Asset Management Limited
P.O. Box 59485-00200, NAIROBI 8th Floor, CIC Plaza II , Mara Road

Co-op Trust Investment Services Limited
Telephone: 3276000
P.O. Box 48231-00100, NAIROBI
Co-operative Bank House, Haile Selassie Avenue

Cytonn Asset Managers Limited
Telphone:20 3929000
P.O. Box 20695-00200, NAIROBI 6th Floor, Chancery, Valley Road

Dry Associates Limited
Telphone: 4450520
P.O. Box 684-00606, NAIROBI

Dry Associates House, Brookeside Groove,
Waiyaki Way

Fusion Investment Management Limited
Telphone: 2738460
P.O. Box 47538-00100, NAIROBI 20th Floor, 4th Avenue Towers, Ngong Avenue

Genafrica Asset Managers Limited
Telphone:2323343 79217-00200, NAIROBI
1st Floor, Arlington Block, 14 Riverside Drive,
6th Floor, Reliable Towers, Mogotio Road, Westlands

Genghis Capital Limited
Telphone: 0709185000
P.O. Box 9959-00100, NAIROBI

ICEA Lion Asset Management Limited
Telphone: 2221652 46143-00100, NAIROBI
ICEA Lion Centre, 4th Floor, Riverside Park,
Chiromo Road

Kenindia Asset Management Company Limited
316099 44372-00100, NAIROBI Kenindia House, Loita Street
Madison Investment Managers Limited
Telphone:2864502 20092-00100, NAIROBI Madison Insurance House, Upper Hill Road

Nabo Capital Limited
Telphone: 2286000 10518-00100, NAIROBI
7th Floor, International House, Mama NginaStreet

Natbank Trustees and Investment Services Ltd
Telphone: 2828356
P.O. Box 72866-00200, NAIROBI
Mezzanine Floor, National Bank Building,
Harambee Avenue

NCBA Investment Bank Ltd.
Telphone: 2884444
P.O. Box 44599-00100, NAIROBI NCBA Centre Annex, Hospital Road

Old Mutual Investment Group Limited
P.O. Box 11589-00400, NAIROBI
Old Mutual Building, Corner, Mara/HospitalRoad

Orient Asset Managers Limited
Telphone: 2595448
P.O. Box 34530-00100, NAIROBI 2nd Floor, Capitol Hill Towers, Cathedral Road

Sanlam Investments East Africa Limited
Telphone: 4967000
P.O. Box 67262-00200, NAIROBI Africa Re Centre, Hospital Road, Upper Hill

Zimele Asset Management Company Limited
P.O. Box 76528-00508, NAIROBI Fedha Towers, Muindi Mbingu Street