How and Where to buy broken rice

 broken rice
broken rice
Before we find out how and where to buy broken Rice, let us agree on what it is. These are the rice grains that break or are fractured during the milling process. As with most cereals, most people consider the broken rice grains inferior to whole grains. That is why the dented grains are separated from the whole grains and sold as “Broken Rice”.

Types of broken rice

In Mwea the broken rice comes in two types depending on the size of the grains. The bigger grains are sold as “broken” and the smaller grains are sold as “chicken”

Is it fit for human consumption?

Although broken rice is mostly fit for human consumption, it is deemed inferior for two reasons. First of all the size of the grains makes it difficult to cook as it tends to mashup like ugali. This reduces its palatability, especially for someone used to the whole grain. Secondly,  the rice that breaks during the milling process is mostly that which was not completely ripe.
In Kenya, broken is most used to feed animals. Dog owners prefer to feed their dogs rice instead of maize-based dog meals. This is because rice has fewer chances of being aflatoxin-contaminated. Moreover, rice is easier to cook than Ugali and also it mixes easily with meat and fish.
Where to find broken rice in Kenya

In many major towns, you can buy broken rice from the big grain distributors (in Kenyan speak called cereals shops). But because it is not very popular for human consumption it is not commonly available. The best way is to Identify a supplier in the rice growing places such as Mwea and order directly from them. The rice vendors of Mwea have perfected the art of sending the broken rice as a courier parcel through NENO or KUKENA Sacco and other public transporters plying the Embu route.

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