Answer for What is the anecdote of the Nairobi fly burn

Avodance is the best and first line of treatment.

  1. During the rainy season when the Nairobi fly is prevalent, close all doors and windows before it gets dark.
  2. Sleep under a mosquito net.
  3. Make the lights outside brighter than interior ones. 
  4. If you see one crawling on your skin, blow it off or use a piece of paper to remove it from your skin.rather than brushing it away with you your hands. This reduces the risk of crushing it. You can also use a piece of paper to remove it from your skin

Should you suspect you have crushed a Nairobi fly against your skin:

  1. avoid touching your eyes.
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Wash the affected area with water and soap immediately.
  4. Apply a topical steroid

Check for the beetle around lights especially inbedrooms ceilings before going to b

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