Wajinga Nyinyi hit hits as Intended

In the hit song Wajinga nyinyi King Kaka indicates he his aware of the danger he is exposing himself to. He raps

Wakinisnipe tonight si mnajua ni kwa nini. Nitakufia watu mi siogopi mimi”

And yes, without fail the political crass was the first draw the daggers, which is hardly surprising sing that they are hardest hit in the song.

Anne Waiguru has threated to sue the rapper for linking her to the NYS 1 heist

Wavinya Ndeti through her Press Team accused King Kaka of character assassination.

“King Kaka must be called out, you cannot abuse elected leaders simply because you want to seek relevance, we must draw the line on content creation. You can actually pass your message without dragging anyone disrespectfully,” tweeted the former Kathiani MP.

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has denied any role in the disappearance of the money meant for free sanitary towels for girls as

“Is it true Woman Rep ndio wanadishi pesa ya pads meant for girls?” Posed King Kaka, real name Kennedy Ombima, in the track that clocked an impressive one million views in under three days.

According to Passaris, King Kaka is ignorant of their role as Woman Reps in the chain of service delivery and especially how sanitary distribution processes work.

“He (Kaka) has no idea that we do not control the sanitary towels budget, we only aided the distribution (not all counties received) with the county comm’s office and all the area chiefs. We as women reps have also been following up sanitary towels with the current line Ministry Education,” said Passaris.

But, unapologetic, the rapper who led the ‘Bank On Me Menstrual Walk 2019’ from Nairobi to Nakuru, fired back.

He tweeted that Passaris should come clear as to who is pocketing money authorized by the government to cater for the girl child.

“Funny thing is you are aware of the paper trail yet our girls are not getting the pads. So who is taking that money yet the government authorized the project. I am not fighting anyone I just want the people to get what’s theirs, you were elected to rep us,” wrote King Kaka.

Zulekha Juma on her part explained that they rely on what the Ministry of Public Service Youth and Gender provide them with.

“Naskia #WajingaNyinyi by King Kaka ametaja women reps tumekula pesa ya “pads meant for girls”. Some women reps tulipewa pads za 1 school term na wizara ya gender, sio pesa. Kwale tuligawanya mpaka paket ya mwisho, kila girl 4 mkononi mwake. Ushahidi uko tele. Simo katika shimo!” Wrote Zuleikha.

A position watered down by King Kaka:

“Kazi yenu ni kureceive ama to represent us. If you see it’s not coming to you then you demand for pads. You get paid by the taxpayer to go the extra mile, don’t just get paid but fight for our girls. You should have all the answers and solutions #WajingaNyinyi,” responded King Kaka.

‘Bank On Me Menstrual Walk 2019’ was a week-long trek in partnership with Kim Fay East Africa, Better 4 Kenya and SkyWard Express with a dream target to keep 100,000 girls in school by providing them with sanitary towels.