How To Start a Toastmasters Club in Kenya

In the effort to sprout the Downtown Toastmasters Club, Nairobi, I have so far established the following steps that may guide someone wishing to sponsor a club. Please note that the steps are not necessarily in sequence. Further, you must visit use the governing docs of Toastmasters international for updated terms and conditions and relevant fees and charges.

  1. Inform the president of the club that will sponsor the new club. This enables the resources of the sponsoring club (and other clubs) to be directed to help the fragile new club.
  2.  Acquire interim officials. These act as the committee to draft the budget, to arrange a demonstration meeting, to campaign and raise awareness and to regularly attend meetings. 
  3. Draft the first-year budget: Especially consider the TI fees $77 per member ($20 joining fee, $27 first six months subscription, $27 second six months subscription) and the venue hire charges.

4. Register the name at the Registrar of Societies. Can come later 5. Open a bank account and raise at least sh30,000. This amount should be sufficient to cover

1.    the charter fee ($125),
2.   stopwatch, bell, guest book, all available at Seal Honey
3.   Lectern, rostrum or podium– if your venue doesn’t provide
4.   first meeting room charges. Later members can contribute towards this item.

6.   Download and read the file121-How to Build a TM Club.pdf from
7.   Download and complete the form, “Application to Organize” and email it to This form is also found in the file in 6 above

8.   Pay $125.00 to TI. This gives the group the right to use the name, procedures and materials of TI as a provisional Club.

9.   Following receipt of the ‘Application to Organize‘ and the $125 fee, World Headquarters (WHQ) will send to you a ‘Charter Kit’ that includes among others
·        20 No. Competent Communication Manuals
·        20 No. Competent Leader Manuals
·        1 no. Table Topics Handbook
·        250 no. Ballots & Brief Evaluations
·        Green, yellow, and red Timing Cards
·        Gavel
Ask for a sample of the meeting program from the sponsoring club. But there sample meeting agendas in the manuals and in the web
11. HOLD THE FIRST MEETING! Publicize and promote the inaugural meeting. It should be carefully planned as a demonstration meeting. The goal should be to
1.   achieve the minimum 20 members needed to charter in the shortest period.
2.   achieve the brake-even number of members that can financially run the club with straining members.
12.  Submit charter documents, membership fees and six months subscription when the Club reaches 20 members. At least 17 members must be non-dual. i.e. new, reinstated or transfer (unless it is an Advanced Club).

Is there something I left out? Have you sponsored a club or have you been part a charter member? Kindly share your experience and help grow your district.
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