I concur with Hans Christian Andersen. My life is a fairytale written by Gods fingers.
One of my earliest childhood memories was a lesson on independence. At the tender age of five, I went to school. Initially, my father would walk me to school every day before proceeding to his accountant’s job. Then one day, without notice, he stopped halfway and urged me to walk the rest of the way alone. When I took the challenge and completed the journey, I felt
all grown up and responsible.
My primary school days were uneventful. I rarely got into trouble. Perhaps because I was a good child or perhaps because my mother was the headteacher and I was her last born child in a family of four.
Talking of lastborn, my world was utopic. I never lacked anything and my only sister was an angel. She plaited my hair, introduce me to nail polish. She taught me to walk on heels. Then in the year I went to form one, everything changed. She was killed by a speeding car. My fairy tale world was shattered.
I must have mourned her for the entire four years of my secondary education since my leaving certificate described me us melancholic. Actually, I don’t remember much of secondary school life. Except that I passed the exams and went to University.
When I graduated with a degree in law, I did my pupillage with a leading law firm. My fairy tale was rekindled. I enjoyed the travelling that came with the assignment. It was while on one such trip that I thought of the Industry. I got job with KLM. It was bliss but ironically it did not allow for much travelling.
Today I run my own outfit selling babys’ and children’s’ clothing. I interact with customers quite a lot. Recently it occurred to me I might not be giving my business the best due to gaps in negotiation skills. Also, outside of work, I serve in church and at home, I host my guest and my husband’s guests. I am in Toastmasters to learn to be more sociable, how to negotiate with power and also entertain my guest better

Toastmasters in Kenya

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