How to use Ethos, Pathos and Logos in public speaking

Persuading others to your point of view can be achieved by using either ethos, pathos or logos. Better still all three. Persuasion is an effort of three components within a speech.
  • Pathos is an emotional appeal (65%)
  • Logos is evidence and data (35%)
  • Ethos is credibility (10%)

Hence, you should always outweigh your logic and evidence with emotional appeal.

When you attach significance to a situation, you can do it in any one of the three ways. Here is an example.
Coke soda can be used to clean corrosion away from the car battery terminal. Let’s use this plain mundane statement to convince people to take more coke after some experience on their way home for Christmas.
The story:
On our way upcountry for Christmas, we stopped for a short rest and refreshments at a remote inn. Later, when we boarded the car to resume our journey it would not start. Only making a tac-tack sound when the key was turned. Obviously, it was the battery that was down. We were stranded. When I called our mechanic, he asked us to pour some coke on the battery terminals. We did. The car cranked with one turn of the key. Since that day I keep coke with me in the car. Why? Because ……..
(Ethos – Because you have experienced, studied, born with, own etc, you are an authority on the subject.)
… keeps me awake when I take some and comes hardy when the car wouldn’t start. Coke is the best for me and for you too.
(Pathos –  You attach high significance to something mundane e.g. an event, or saying)
……a drink that can bring a dead car battery to life is guaranteed to make me come alive at any time. Coke cranks me each time am down. Take some too. You will love it.
(Logos – You use logic, especially verifiable logic)
……according to the health week online journal, coke contains agents that dissolve oxides of many elements. Not just on car batteries, but also on your alimentary canal and other body systems. You experience this cleaning effect from the crisp fizzle down your throat. It leaves your body clean and refreshed. Take some too.


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