CC1 – Ice Breaker Tips

Tell where and when you were born. If something memorable was happening at that time tell it. – 1 minute.
Tell of your childhood memories. Listeners love it as it relates to their own. – 1 minute.
Tell where, how, and when you went to school. If college is relevant tell it too. -1 minute.
Tell of first job and current job.
Embelish the story with love and marriage. Ladies love hearing about this part. – 1 minute
Tell how and why you ended up in Toastmasters. – 1 minute

1.       not all those need be there. If one item takes more time, compensate by doing away with another.

2.       Write down three main points. Then try to tell the speech (to yourself) building on these three points. The rest of the material will bring itself out. You can write it down if you want or continue using cue cards.
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