Thimlich Ohinga is found in Migori County about 46km from Migori town. It was declared a national monument in 1983. The Local community has preserved these enclosures over the centuries through traditions and taboos. These dry-stone enclosures that are widespread in the South Nyanza of Western Kenya, are similar to the great ruins found in  Zimbabwe.  The best-preserved, Kochieng,  Kakuku, Koketch, and Koluoch are nestled among a Euphorbia forest.

The site is under the management of the National Museums of Kenya.

The site’s name is a combination of the description of the hill as seen from a distance of the hill from a distance (‘Thimlich’) and the presence of stone enclosures (Ohinga).

Bantus were the first communities to settle here. About 500 years ago, they adopted this building method since rocks were plenty on the hill.

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