Songs of Safari

On the 23rd of October, 28 young professional artists took activism theatre to the Nairobi Cinema.In conjunction with the National Government, the county government facilitated their travel to the National stage.Pressure, panic…excitement were not left behind. At exactly 3 pm, an audience amounting to hundreds was settled in to watch 'Songs of Safari'.Astoundingly, Kenyans thronged from at least EVERY county in Kenya to watch this play that has set the tails of many wagging.This play caught many off-guard and  they could not hold back their tears,and , oy.Great things happen when we come together!EMBU COUNTY has absolutely massive talent!!The show was fantastically, unapologetically TOP NOTCH!And now 'Songs of Safari' has flowing invitations by other county governments scheduled for the coming months.What started as a small play filled with passion to preach peace in Embu has now touched the hearts of many other Kenyans across the country!Asanteni sana for standing with us!! #ActivismTheartre #EmbuCounty 

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