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Can one hire armed police in Kenya

Officers of the Kenya police service are available for hire for private protection. One can hire armed police and are encouraged to do so in a situation where you believe safety, security, law and order might be an issue or where you need to control a crowd or traffic.

Police officers are sworn to protect people and property by enforcing laws and regulations. The bulk of their days is spent striving to keep the community safe and secure, and orderly reducing the fear of crime and improving the overall quality of life of citizens.

How much does it cost to hire a police officer in Kenya?

There are different rates depending on the protection required. The rates depend on the seniority of the officers required, and whether the police officers are armed or not. The rates can also be influenced by the kind of support required ie. dog, horse, armoured car e.t.c


Police officers may be hired attendance at private functions or for any other private purpose, within the republic, and at the expense of the applicant. Application for the private use of police for any approved purpose should be on the prescribed form.
Police may only be hired for private use subject to the exigencies of the service.

Minimum number of Officers

The Divisional Police Commander shall be the sole judge of whether a sufficient number of police officers have been applied for. He/she may refuse to authorize such hire if agreement as to the number to be hired cannot be reached with the applicant.

Recommended Rates for Hire of Police for Private Use:

Armed officers for a period not exceeding eight hours but not less than four hours.

Inspector (I.P) 187.50
Senior Sergeant (S/S.G.T) 150.00
Corporal (C.P.L) 125.00
Constable (P.C) 100.00

Armed officers for a period not exceeding four hours or part thereof.

Inspector (I.P) 250.00
Senior Sergeant (S/S.G.T) 200.00
Corporal (C.P.L) 200.00
Constable (P.C) 100.00

(C) Unarmed officers per hour.

Inspector (I.P) 150.00
Senior Sergeant (S/S.G.T) 125.00
Sergeant (S.G.T) 125.00
Corporal (C.P.L) 100.00
Constable (P.C) 75.00

 Armed motorcycle riders per hour for a maximum of eight hours.

Inspector (I.P) 2,000.00
Senior Sergeant (S/S.G.T) 1,800.00
Sergeant (S.G.T) 1,800.00
Corporal (C.P.L) 1,500.00
Constable (P.C) 1,200.00

Unarmed motorcycle riders per hour for a maximum of eight hours..

Inspector (I.P) 1,800.00
Senior Sergeant (S/S.G.T) 1,500.00
Sergeant (S.G.T) 1,500.00
Corporal (C.P.L) 1,200.00
Constable (P.C) 1,000.00
(F) Hire of police 999 Patrol cars per hour or part thereof – Kshs. 5,000.00

How to Hire a police officer in Kenya

After identifying the services you want, the next step would be to visit a police station and see the Officer Commanding Police Station. If the duration of the service is short, the OCPS will assign you the number of officers required. In a situation where armed police are required, the requirement is that you take at least two officers.

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