how and where to sell kienyeji chicken

How and where to sell Kienyeji chicken

You have produced healthy and heavy kienyeji chickens. Unless you were rearing the chickens for your own consumption, you will want to sell them.  How do you sell them?

Kienyeji chickens are easy to sell. For starters, there is always a ready market for them and prices do not fluctuate like that of broilers. Also, many Kenyans prefer Kienyeji chickens to broilers not just because they are delicious but because many Kenyans are increasingly growing cautious of the meat they consume. Kienyeji chickens are considered a healthier choice because they consume fewer antibiotics and commercial feeds. There have been fewer cases of artificial muscle building using drugs.

Here are some of the best places and methods to sell your chickens

Market Day

Many towns have a local market day. Other than a small fee to the local authority, these days are free for all.  Simply choose the heaviest of your flock and take them to the markets. You may want to note the market days from a few towns near you. If you are price is good you are likely to sell them in bulk to resellers. Selling to the end consumers fetches more, but takes longer to sell.

Middlemen and Tenderpreneurs

Put the word out to scouts, middlemen and those who have tendered to supply big establishments. These people purchase chickens from farms and deliver them to towns for sale. Keep a database of their phone numbers and their terms and purchase prices. These already have an established market and can become your good and reliable customers.  Besides, letting them know that you are a chicken farmer puts you on their list of suppliers and they are likely to contact you when they need to procure chicken.

Word of caution though their prices are lower and they attempt to sweet talk the farmer to give them credit. Avoid such.

Catering companies.

Caterers want to know the source of the chicken. Many prefer getting chicken from the farm directly rather than butcheries. Obviously, they make more this way but this is not all. They are sure the chicken is:

  1.  fresh and therefore good for their clients
  2. Is kienyeji and ex-layer.
  3. was healthy when slaughtered.

Search for people who provide catering services and make them your customers. They may give you other leads too as they too have their own networks.

Butcheries, Hotels and restaurants

Create a price list of your kienyeji chicken with weights and prices. They may not order immediately but next time their current supplier is unable to meet their needs, they are likely to give you a call.

Social Media

Leverage your social media network to boost your kienyeji chicken sales.  Join groups to discuss kienyeji chicken in particular or poultry in general. If they cater specifically to your locality the better. If they allow advertising and selling then use them to the maxi. otherwise, follow the rules of the group as you make your presence felt.


If you are technologically savvy, create a simple marketing website for your poultry products. We say simply because online presence can be an extra expense that eats into your profits without adding to more business. But if you are confident, build an e-commerce-aware website where your customers can interact with you including placing online orders. A giveaway page such as a blog on the page can also boost your sales.

How to Increase the Marketability of Your Kienyeji Chicken.

Even if your kienyeji chicken were not fully free range, allowing them to roam around for a few weeks to the market can improve their marketability. Many customers look at the legs to determine if the chickens have been free-ranging and foraging outside. Buyers prefer chickens that forage outside as opposed to those that feed on the formulated feed indoors throughout their lives.

As they forage for plants, insects, maggots and grubs they develop telltale signs of free-range chicken.  The mixed diet, soil bathing and the long hours in the sun will give them the distinct kienyeji look that appeals to many buyers.

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