What is the best medication for homa ya kuku?

QuestionsCategory: chickenWhat is the best medication for homa ya kuku?
howandwhere Staff asked 9 months ago

My chicken are coughing and sneezing. The entire flock is already affected and am getting worried. What is the best medicine to heal them fast?

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Paul answered 9 months ago

  Tylodoxy is the best medicine    

Sage answered 9 months ago

The homo ya Kuku, chicken  coughing and sneezing, could be infectious bronchitis. Rarely does it affect a single bird but entire flock. Isolate them from uninfected flock
For home remedies most farmers seem to suggest could give chicken fresh cow milk. Neither boiled nor processed in anyway. Also you could boil Aloe Vera leaves mixed with pepper for 30-40 minutes and administer for 3 days.
Conventional medicine that has been used include Fostyl,  tylodoxy by Metrovet, Metrocycoline, biotrim, livergen

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