Does the Devil really smell like sullphur?

QuestionsDoes the Devil really smell like sullphur?
Nuclia asked 2 years ago

Some people claim that the devil smells like rotten eggs. Where do they get this idea from? The devil is a spirit and I would not expect something in the spiritual realm to smell.

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Nuclia answered 2 years ago

The smell of Hell and the devil for that matter has been likened to that of rotten eggs for long.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez compared George Bush to the Antichrist in a speech at the United Nations. He said
“The devil came here yesterday, right here, It smells of sulphur still today”
The notion of Hell smelling like sulphur almost certainly comes from his underworld lair, described in the Book of Revelation as a “lake of burning sulphur. 
The Apocryphal Books of Enoch talk about a place of punishment with “rivers of fire” and “a smell of sulphur.”
The statement was also popularised by Gabriel Garci ́a Ma ́rquez’s in the book “One hundred Years of Solitude” when Ursula confuses the smell of hydrogen sulphide from one of  Melquíades’s misadventures as “the smell of the devil

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