Having an orgasm will help you fall asleep because it releases the hormone prolactin that makes you feel relaxed and very sleepy.

Men vs Women Sexual Arousal Mismatch

Many couples encounter conflict in their relationship due to the difference in the way they experience
sexual arousal

men and women are different, and
their sexual expectations are  also
different. If this difference is not
well managed it can be the source
of bedroom wars and relationship

If these differences are not well managed thy can lead to serious issues warranting seeing a sexologist.

Sometimes all a woman wants is to be cuddled
and feel the warmth of her husband. But any time her body touches his the husband is aroused and must go all the way.  This leads to feeling of rejection. Moreover, when the female pushes herself, she is may end up  dry and unable to let the man in or feel pain.

Fore play

To a woman, preparation is key. Many women feel that their man  knows nothing about how to love a woman.

did not understand
the difference between men and
women when it comes to sexu-
al expectations and experiencing
pleasure. Sometimes the differ-
ences are pronounced, but many
times they are not as obvious,
mostly because people have learnt
to meet the needs of their partners
in one way or another

You may have noted that men
tend to be the initiators of sex.
Women tend to be laid back and
await the man to act; this makes
them feel desired and enhanc-
es their satisfaction. Occasionally
women do initiate sex but if it be-
comes the norm they can get Offended, wondering if the man has
any interest in them at all.

For most men, sexual stimulation can be instant. Women, on
On the other hand, take time to get in-
to the mood and so foreplay is es-
sential for their satisfactiom. Unfortunately, some men do not know
this and rush into penetration before the woman is ready

Some women have learnt to
cope with the short-lived fore-
play and adapted to get ready
as penetration is going on. The
the trouble with this approach is that
when the woman is ready to go,
the man is done leaving the
an in limbo.

He then falls asleep and
snores, very much fulfilled,
and caring less about what I’m going

is fair here, let us not demonise
penetrative sex, it is still the most
important part of intimacy and
the differences in expectation am
not anybody’s mistake,” Trevor
said to which I nodded in affirma-
tion,noting for surv that the differ-
ences are not anybody’s mistake
and are natural.
‘Ihe expectations do not, how-
ever, end with penetrative sex.

At the end of the penetration, women expect to be shown love. They
expect a cuddle and a show of interest by the man still matters ‘Ihe
man, on the other hand, is done
and finished. Many want to sleep
and rest. If they wem to leave they
just want to go immediately and
feel stmssed ifthe woman is asking
for a cuddle. Many women am left
confused at that point, %ondering
ifthe sexual act Was a mistake.
“I hope Tlv.ror now understands
better how to handle a woman
and will be more considerate in his
said as we carne
to the end ofthe session.
a man needs to take care of a woman, he
has his needs which you should met.

Let’s face it, after an orgasm, most people have one of two reactions: fall asleep immediately from fatigue or become even more hyperactive. According to researchers at the Kinsey Institute, men are more likely to hit the pillow while women become more energized. Sleeping right after sex provides an evolutionary benefit to men: it shuts down the opportunity for a commitment conversation and increases their chances of reproducing with other mates, argues Debra Herbenick, a sexual health educator


We spend a couple of decades sleeping alone before we find ourselves lying next to someone. There’s something so private and intimate about sleeping. And not all of us are ready to sleep with others after having sex.

Although we generally sleep more deeply when alone, we prefer to sleep with a partner. No one wants to be alone. Many assume spending the night together after sex, is a normal, mandatory thing. Don’t be surprised if you get asked to leave after sex, or your partner tells you he or she has an early morning or will call a cab for you.


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