Layers vs Broilers which is more profitable?

How much money can a chicken farmer make?

Or in other words, is chicken farming profitable?

That chicken farming is a profitable venture is not in dispute. But still, the question lingers. As an agribusiness agripreneur, is it better to keep chicken for their eggs (layers) or for their meat? Who makes more, the layers farmer or the chicken-meat farmer?

Well, both are good business ventures. It boils down to prevalence and a number of other considerations not the least of which is financial.

Layers require a substantial capital overlay. From the day you receive your day-old chicks to the onset of laying, you are looking at 18 weeks of feeding the chicken from your capital.

On the other hand, broilers can be ready for market in six weeks. This is to say you can recoup your investment faster with broilers than with layers.

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