How to get a police clearance certificate

Apply Online

  1. Create an eCitizen Account eCitizen
  2. For Kenyan citizens click on the tab written Kenyan Citizen to register. This account is for Kenyan citizens only. You will need your National ID number and your first name to register.
  3. For Kenyan citizens click on the tab written Foreign Residents to register. This account is for foreigners residing in Kenya. You will need your foreigner certificate and your first name to register.
  4. Once logged in navigate to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Tab and click dashboard “Get Service Now’’ to access the online application form.
  5. CLick on the Police Clearance Certificate [Link] and choose the ownership of the Police Clearance Certificate
  6. Follow to instructions and requirements carefully (also mentioned in the “Required Documents ” section of this page)to apply for an adult or child under 18 years and click next button to proceed to the next.
  7. Select tyour preferred Finger Print Area and Finger Print Locations, then click on submit
  8. Fill out the details you are being request on the application form and their after click on the CONTINUE button below the form.
  9. Review your application details before submission. Click on SUBMIT.
  10. Upon clicking submit, the screen will now display the various available payments methods. Select the mode of payment and pay for the Police Clearance. The cost is Kshs. 1,050.
  11. Once you have made your payment and received confirmation SMS from MPESA of the same on your mobile phone, you can now click on ‘Complete’.
  12. Once your payment has been confirmed by e-Citizen you will now be able to download the C24 form (finger printing form) and the Receipt saying PAID. You will present the documents for processing at the centre you specified to be finger printed. Download and print two (2) copies of your invoice, and one copy of your C24 (fingerprint form) on both sides of an A4 paper.
  13. Present the C24 and invoices with an original National ID for adults and Original Birth Certificate for minors, to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters or any other location shown in eCitizen for fingerprint processing (there are several locations available).
    • During the application, you will be able to select the date when you want your fingerprints taken. In Nairobi, CID Headquarters is located on Kiambu road just after Muthaiga Golf Club on your right.
    • Once the applicant is finger printed and the application has undergone the verification and checked for any criminal record on the DCI database, the application is approved and a POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE is generated online.
  14. The applicant will then get an SMS notification to login to your e-citizen account and download the E-police clearance certificate and print it on A4 paper back to back.
    • To download it, log into your eCitizen account and click the Get Service button inside the Directorate of Criminal Investigations option.
    • On the DCI page, you’ll see a history of your application(s). Click the link of the Ref No of your police clearance application.
    • In the next page, click the Downloads button and you should find an option to download your police clearance certificate.
    • The certificate will be in PDF so all that will be left for you is to just print it.
  15. The e-police clearance certificate can be verified by sending the word DCI to 21546. Then after successful registration, dial *512# and follow the prompts.

Applying from abroad

  1. Visit the Kenyan embassy abroad to begin the application process.
  2. Here your finger prints will be taken using Police Elimination Finger and Palm Print Form C24 Police Elimination Finger and Palm Print Form C24
  3. You should provide the following original documents, so that duly certified copies can be produced:
    a) if the applicant is over 18 years old:
    i. Second generation Kenyan ID card (please note Kenyan passports are not accepted);
    ii. If the applicant was never issued with an ID card, he/she must provide proof of having left Kenya before reaching the age of 18, and must present his/her birth certificate (original or certified copy) and Kenyan passport.
    b) if the applicant is younger than 18:
    i. Birth certificate and/or Kenyan passport.
    c) Application letter.
    d) Duly completed “biographic details” form (website or obtained at the Embassy):the form can be downloaded through this link Elimination Finger and Palm Print
    e) A fee of Ksh 1,000 or its equivalent in the country of residence and obtain the official Receipt from the nearest Kenyan mission/embassy or submit a cheque payable to “Director of Criminal investigation” at Nairobi, Kenya.
    f) A self-addressed return envelope
  4. The application consisting of the original payment receipt cheque, clear copy of Kenyan Identity Card (or certified copies by competent authorities of both passport and birth certificate where applicable) and fingerprints must be forwarded officially with a covering letter to CID Headquarters-Nairobi through post or runner.
    The postal address for ordinary mail is:
    Directorate of Criminal Investigation,
    P.O. Box 30036 – 00100 Nairobi,
    For courier use:
    Directorate of Criminal Investigation,
    Kiambu Road,
    Opposite Forestry Department Headquarters, Karura.
    Nairobi, Kenya.
  5. Once the applicant is finger printed and the application has undergone the verification and checked for any criminal record on the DCI database, the application is approved and a POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE is generated and sent via post/ courier.

During the submission you need the following:

  1. Downloaded TWO (2) copies of the invoice and ONE(1) copy of the C24 printed on Both sides of a C24.
  2. Applicant in Person.
  3. Original ID card and its Photocopy or Birth Certificate & its copy for those under 18 years.
  4. Must allow his/her fingerprints and palm prints to be recorded on a prescribed fingerprint form C24.