How is Kuroiler chicken

You may have been hearing about Kuroiler and sometimes Kroiler chicken. Does the statement refer to the same chicken?

Is Kuroiler a Kienyenji chicken?

Kuroiler improved kienyeji is an amalgamation of the names keggfarms and broiler. Its name correct name is Kuroiler and not kroiler as some people are want to call it.

The Kuroiler is a hybrid breed of chicken developed by the Keggfarms of India by crossing either the coloured broiler or White Leghorn cocks with Rhode Island Red hens.

Is Kuroiler kept for meat or for eggs?

Kuroiler is a dual-purpose breed producing meat and eggs. It can be reared on a free-range and live on a diet of kitchen and agricultural waste.

How is its productivity?

It produces around 150 eggs per year. The meat yield per bird of Kuroilers is approximately 3.5 kg for cocks and about 2.5 kg for hens.

Is Kuroiler suited for Kenyan Climate?

Kuroiler is quite resistant to diseases compared to the parent birds. It was introduced in Kenya earlier this century from Indian through Uganda. Since its introduction, Kuroiler has proved to survive well in all Kenyan climates even as a free-ranging flock.

Where can a farmer get kuroiler chicken in Kenya?

Kuroiler F1 day-old chicks are supplied from their Uganda hatcheries. If you order Kuroiler chicks from a Kenya supplier, please do your due diligence to confirm that the chicks are from Uganda.  Some farmers have kept a breeding stock and are selling Kuroiler chicks locally. These might not be F1 and quality may not be guaranteed.

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