How can I start a chicken farm in Kenya?

Many investors wanting to start a chicken venture in Kenya want to know whether there is any authoritative literature on starting chicken rearing and breeding in Kenya?

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation

The answer to that is that yes. Their first stop should be the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KALRO). KALRO has a poultry research station at Naivasha that feeds the ministry of Agriculture with data on chicken farming and breeding.

Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture is the repository for all agriculture data. Therefore it should also be a mandatory authority to consult in order to take the straight and narrow of agriculture investment.


Depending of the level of operation, you will also want to get a NEMA certificate. The ESIA, (Environmental and Social Impact Assesment) exercise is not only a government requirement for large operations, but will also set guide you in making sure you do not land into trouble with the authority and the local community later when your chicken farm starts affecting their environment and the social fabric.



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