Depending on the context,  (1) Toastmasters International, who are the International President, the Senior Vice President, the Second and Third Vice Presidents, the Immediate  Past International President, the 17 International Directors, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Executive Director, and the District Governor for each District of Toastmasters International; or (2) a District of Toastmasters International, who are the District Officers, consisting of the District Governor, the Lieutenant Governor Education and Training, the Lieutenant Governor Marketing, the Public Relations Officer, the District Secretary, thethe Officers of District Treasurer, Area Governors, and possibly including Division Governors at the discretion of the District Council (each Past District Governor shall be an ex officio Officer of the District); or (3) a member club of Toastmasters International, who are a club President, a Vice President Education, a Vice President Membership,  a Vice President Public Relations, a club Secretary, a club Treasurer (or a club Secretary/Treasurer), a Sergeant at Arms, and the Immediate Past club President.