Gender based Violence

Every time we talk about GBV, most people assume it’s just about women. No, men also suffer from GBV.
Remember GBV encompasses physical, emotional and economic violence. And the majority of men suffer from these forms of violence, but they don’t talk about it. I know of NGOs supporting
GBV male survivors. We all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity in every space, including at the workplace. And so, we must end violence against anyone based on their gender. the Judiciary Centre for Righ Education and Awareness f
Women (Creaw) Executive Director Leah Wangechi ,

The C.J’s office has outlined actions to actualise this commitment. These include a gender mainstreaming policy launched following an audit of the Judiciary’s handling of’ gender matters, and the directive to have courts clear their backlog of cases within three years.

“In specifically addressing the need for a specialised court to handle cases of SGBV, the Small Claims Court has been structured in a manner that it will have a chamber/court dedicated to such matters.
Implementation of the C.J’s vision, Social Transformation through access to Justice, in which she has undertaken to enhance justice for vulnerable groups, digitisation and adoption of technology is key to addressing access to justice for SGBV victims.
Justice Koome’s office, quoting the State of the Judiciary Annual Report 2020/2021, cites trainings, activities and approaches that have been undertaken and focused on prevention and response to GBV management within the justice sector.


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