How and Where to have a Date on a Budget

Why go on an interactive date on a budget?

Time flies but time spent with a loved one really flies. Well, maybe not when sitting in a restaurant where the bills keep coming. Sometimes you have to wonder whether you are on the correct trajectory. That is why we give you here ideas on how and where to go on a date on a budget in Kenya.
Restaurants can make a date feel like an interview or interrogation which is a turnoff. Moreover, coffee dates limit you to certain times of the month, times of day and limited duration together. If you are considering a long time relationship it is good to spend whole days together in a destination that renders itself to interactive engagement. For this outdoors becomes a great date idea. In Kenya, the fine weather leaves you spoilt for choice regarding cheap but outdoor destinations that you can spend with your date.
But if you are on your first date or you do not yet know each other well avoid going to secluded places just as you would avoid going to the house of someone you do not know.

With imagination and adventure, you can invite your loved one out on a budget date without following the beaten-down path. But if the outing involves going out to a place you have never been before, it is good to prepare accordingly. Outdoors is nothing like a restaurant. You will need different dressing, footwear and headgear. You also need to make arrangements for transport to and fro and contemplate security.

Public Parks

Public parks are provided by the local authorities to their residents for their recreation away from the concrete jungles that have become our towns. Every town worth its name in Kenya has a park. Where the local authorities have failed their residents and have not provided a recreation park, some private entities have filled the gap and created such places inside roundabouts and road reserves. Many couples find these venues an attractive place for a low-cost date.

Here is a list of some of these parks

Muriro gardensKakamega
Mama Ngina DriveMombasa
Uhuru ParkNairobi
Machakos Peoples ParkMachakos
City ParkNairobi
Nairobi ArboretumNairobi
Roysambu RoundaboutNairobi
Uthiru RoundaboutNairobi

Forest reserves and Nature trails

Dotted around Kenya, you will provide nature trails and other public and private nature trails that are fit for quiet relaxation. The Kenya forest service and sometimes partnering with private provides very pocket-friendly outdoor destinations in their forest. These forests are all over the country and you should get in touch with the forest department in your county to find out what sort of recreation they allow in their jurisdictions. Just to bring you up to speed, some activities that happen in these forests are picnics, camping, hiking, fishing, tree climbing and birdwatching to name but some. You can make any of these an interactive but cheap date item and invite your date to one.

Outdoor adventure can be a lot of fun and a good way to know your partner. But it can quickly turn out a nightmare if one is not prepared. As a minimum, you must consider the correct attire, shoes, headgear, rain gear, dust gear etc.

Always park something to eat and drink if only biscuits and water. Don’t accept going out in an isolated area with someone you are not well familiar with.

Ngong HillsNgong
Oloolua Nature trail (Primate Research)Karen
Ngong Forest Nature TrailNairobi
City ParkNairobi
Nairobi ArboretumNairobi
Arabuko SokokeMombasa
Kakamega ForestKakamega
Mount Kenya ForestMount Kenya
Ndunda FallsEmbu
Nairobi MuseumNairobi


Solar Ice Rink At Panari Hotel.

It is the only one in East and Central Africa; it is adventurous and interactive making it one of the best places to go on an affordable date in Nairobi. The 32m long skating hall has an ice-skating surface area of 15,000 square feet.

It is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM (This was before the interruption of the Covid-19 Pandemic) So you choose your ideal time.

At sh2000 for a couple, you will enjoy 60 Minutes of heavenly thrill by the time you remove your skates.


Adults Entrance fee Kes1,000

Kids below 14 years Kes800 (you may soon have kids).

GP Karting Nairobi.

Located along Langata road near the famous Carnivore. One thing I like about GP Karting it brings out the adventurous you to compete with your person.

It is interactive and you don’t have to break the bank to do this. It will leave a memorable mark that a restaurant wouldn`t match.

GP Karting Langata Road is one of the top places to go on dates in Nairobi. Evoking your partner’s adrenaline is simply unparalleled.


Karen Blixen Museum.

The Karen Blixen museum on Karen is a major attraction to couples due to its greenery and relaxed atmosphere despite its location. Its proximity to other attractions such as the giraffe centre, Mamba village, tree house and Oloolua Nature trail makes it especially attractive since one can visit all places at the same time especially if you and your date love a drive.

Nairobi Railway Museum.

Nairobi started as a Railway station. Therefore the Railways museum is not just about Railway travel. It is about Nairobi and Nairobi’s history is a snapshot of Kenya’s history. Solidify your relationship by having a rich history together by visiting a museum.

Mini Hiking on a budget

Fairview Coffee Estate.

What more would one need other than having a farm experience in Nairobi? Well, not going farming but touring a coffee farm that is graced by a hot cup of coffee and bites after the tour?

You can have your chat during and after the coffee tour and this will hit different yet quite affordable. You can drive or take a taxi from Nairobi CBD depending on where you both agree. Read More About Fairview Coffee Estate.

Bowling In Nairobi.

Do you love this game? Well, I personally do. It is even more interesting when you`re teaching someone how to play it.

The laughter when they miss, not in a bad way but just spicing sense of humour in your date. Check Bowling places in Nairobi. It is an interesting interaction where you get to understand and know your peon with ease.


A swimming date is a great way for a couple to bond. In this day when women are covered to the toe in trousers, many men are left wondering what their woman’s legs are like. Women: if you are not into skirts and you are invited on a swimming date, catch the queue and stage along. You don’t have to do a bikini, but any swimwear that exposes some flesh and your figure are what is being called upon. Don’t miss out!

This is another top idea or place to go on a date in Nairobi.

Theme Parks

What is an Amusement park? This is a large outdoor area with fairground rides, shows, and other entertainment. Just like the name depicts, it is there to amuse you.

There are many amusement parks in Nairobi but, two rivers Mall stands out specifically because of that ferries wheel.

I found it romantic as you two gaze at the beauty of Nairobi Sky scrappers from the 60 Meters high ferries wheel.

Movie Theatre.

Watching a big screen movie is yet another good way to spend the day with a loved one on a budget. The interaction does not just happen inside the theatre. The time spent together waiting outside to enjoy some popcorn also counts for a lot.

Some of the movie theatres are:

  • Anga Diamond Plaza
  • Anga Sky, Panari Centre
  • Century Cinemax Garden City
  • Century Cinemax Junction
  • Century Cinemax Sarit Centre
  • Full circle
  • Mega Cinemas, Kisumu
  • Prestige Cinema
  • Westgate Cinema

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