How to clean car headlights

After a while and depending on the quality of your car headlights, they may start looking not so bright. Careful observation will reveal that the surface of the headlights is covered by a thick brown opaque substance.  This occurs due to sun rot. How can it be removed?

How to remove the opaque substance covering your car headlight

The internet is awash with many suggestions on how to clean your car headlights. Let us start by telling you about those that do not work


Do try to clean your car headlights using toothpaste and a brush. The opaqueness will increase as the heat loss is spread more evenly on the outside of your lights. Your driving will be a nightmare as it were and your teeth will hurt. Your teeth will hurt not so much because of the misused toothpaste but the gnashing of teeth.


Buffing your car headlights using the bodywork shinning equipment too does not work. Just like toothpaste and toothbrush, buffing will just add to the scratches and make it even harder for the light to penetrate the opaqueness. In fact, the scratching might even do permanent damage to your car headlight surface.
Other things that do not work with headlights but are heavily mentioned on the internet as cleaning methods are baking soda, car shampoo, and lemon juice, but they all do not remove the UV decay.

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