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Toastmasters Speech Number 2 (CC2) – Save a Life

In this version of the speech 2 , Every day Heroby +Alice Nyamu, the speaker chooses to use the chronological outline. She achieves the objectives of the project. She also achieves her specific purpose – to inform

The speech was easy to follow because it follows events as they happened time. It captures the listener’s attention because the opening question pokes curiosity. The suspense is maintained through the speech. Notice to how she is translating from one idea to the other by using phrases at the end of the paragraphs that lead to the next paragraph.
But was it to be. But oops! ….had to play my part. It was not necessary

Save a Life

How do you respond to disasters?  Do you run away from the scene screaming, or do you mumble a silent prayer frozen in shock, or probably spectate craning over people’s shoulders to catch a glimpse of the action and a photo?

On a sunny Saturday morning, four of my colleagues and I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and seek an adventure. We settled on bungee-jumping, rock climbing and water games at Sagana. It seemed like the perfect get away plan. But was it to be.
Upon reaching Makuyu, we saw a large crowd of people. Alas! In plain sight was a 42 seater bus that had overturned. On reaching the accident scene our worst fears were confirmed.  Pandemonium is the way I could describe the horrid situation. The screams of women and children rented the air and I was struck by the acrid smell of blood.  Shock was written all over our faces. We were all panicked, even Jack, the dare devil of the group looked like he would wet his pants. We mastered enough courage and joined the rescue team. We decided it was prudent to rush as many victims as possible to the hospital. My friend Mercy flagged down motorists from the side of the road to assist in rushing the casualties to hospital.  It was amazing to see many people ready and willing to help. Horns blaring and hazard lights flashing, after what seemed to be an eternity we reached the hospital in a retinue of vehicles carrying victims. Quickly, although not like in the movies but quick enough, the accident victims were put on stretchers and wheeled in to the emergency room. Our good did for the day done we, turned to pick our journey where it had been interrupted. But oops! There was a Dr. Maingi barring the way.

He thanked us profusely before dropping the bomb shell.
“Most of your patients have lost a lot of blood” he started. Then as we looked at him incredulously like ‘hey Doc we know. We brought them in’ he added
“they will certainly require blood transfusion but our banks are empty. Can you please spare a few minutes to donate some”. Spare time? that was the least of my worries.
The idea of being pricked with a needle was not my cup of tea and the thought was just plain terrifying to say the least. But we followed him like sheep to a slaughter into the “blood donation centre”. I must have shown a very scary look for the kept doctor reassuring me it would only take a few minutes and emphasized how much someone would benefit from it even throwing in a free sodas afterwards. I psyched myself saying “The victims needed me! I had to play my part.” But all that was not necessary
When turn came the nurses were very patient as they calmly took me through the donation  and before I knew it, it was over!
I had set out in the morning seeking to conquer the fear of heights, but I had conquered one of my biggest fears, a doctors needle and emerged wiser from it.

First, through my experience, I realized we can all donate blood, no matter how scary it may look. You may have some misconceptions like fear of contracting a disease in the process of donation. Actually, our efforts may be obscured by fear, lack of time and lack of awareness among other factors.

Secondly, in spite of there being a government policy that every person in Kenya who requires blood has access to safe blood at anytime, it is not achievable without our involvement.

Finally, the American Medical Association found that giving blood every six months led to fewer heart attacks and strokes. Having an excessive level of iron in your body is one of the most potent ways that your body oxidizes, or prematurely ages.

Let’s face it; there are numerous cases where patients have lost their lives due to lack of blood in hospitals yet there are numerous appeals for blood donation. Don’t ignore those calls; let us make it our responsibility to donate blood. Ultimately, the power to save someone’s life is truly in your hands. 

Please give blood; 8 billion mosquitoes can’t be wrong!
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