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As an outdoor activity, both jogging and running are quite prevalent in Kenya. One can jog alone or in a group. Most lone running happens early in the morning within the housing estate precincts. This is mainly due to proximity and security considerations. But in the evening or during the day, one can use the grounds in most sports clubs and gymkhanas to jog and run.

Lone runs

Some of the places you can run alone include:
Karura Forest: Karura forest is secured with an electric fence. The sanctuary is and managed by Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and supported by Friends of Karura who have placed direction and distance signposts at the junctions of the running trails.,+Nairobi/@-1.2366945,36.8130319,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x182f1649550638a7:0xb471e05027cb1b4d!8m2!3d-1.2368076!4d36.8304102?hl=en

Ngong Hills: Ngong Hills, a popular training ground with Kenya’s elite runners and for good reason. At the highest point, it rises to 2400masl which is as good altitude training as would require. However, it is advisable to seek armed escort to reach this high. But the open fields near the gate and on the Kiserian side are quite safe.

Tigoni: In case you are seeking the high altitude training to boost blood count before a major event or when planning to hike a major mountain, the running in Tigoni could be an option. There are sufficient hills to work you cuffs and chest. But undulating tea plantations will soothe you all the way.

Mwea plains: The rice plantations of Mwea are a good place to run especially when rice is ripe. The lush fields offer a tranquilising sensation while the aroma of ripe pishori rice wafts through you wide open nose

There also road runs location around mount Kenya in Kirinyaga, Embu, Meru, Laikipia, Nyandarua, and Nyeri and Nairobi Arboretum,

Group Runs

In case one wants to do long outdoor runs, the joining a running group is the best option. The organisers are familiar with suitable and interesting trails and road runs for training big running events or just for the thrill of running with other running enthusiasts. Running in a group is also a great way to network Different groups have different distance prevalences that range from 4km to 25km. The day of the week that a run is scheduled and the location may also be a consideration. Some running groups and locations may have membership running fee so it is important to enquire from them before turning up at the venue. Searching the internet for running clubs does not yield much, but at the marathon races, you are likely to find runners donning their running group wear.

Below is a list of some of the more conspicuous running groups

 Running Groups/Clubs
Name: Urban Swaras
Runs: Saturdays 7:30 am
Distance: 15km and 25km
Fees:  Membership Ksh 500 per month, guest runners Ksh 150 per run
Urban: Swaras
Venue: varies
Membership: Open
Contact:, email: Lucy Thuo (
Name: Original Nairobi Hash House Harriers
Runs:  Mondays
Name: Sunday Nairobi Hash House Harriers
Runs: Sundays 4:00p.m
Distance: 8km and 15km for short and long run respectively
Joining:  Anyone
Venue:  Varies
Fees:  Ksh 200 per run
Name: Chepkero Athletics Club
Runs: Everyday
Chepkero Athletics Club is located in Flax Centre, Chepkero, Uasin Gishu county, about 20 miles southeast of Eldoret.
Name: Dagoretti Running Club.   We’ve got a membership fee payable if you decide to train with us
Runs: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 a.mFee:
Venue: Telkom grounds, Ngong road.
Contact: +254 788 104 142,+254 716 584 402
Name: Gigiri Running Group
Runs: Thursdays, 5:00 pm
Join:  Open to all
Venue: Maggie’s Pub, Gigiri near UN Avenue/Limuru Road Junction
Fees:  None
Contact:  Maggies pub
GFK Running Club (Karura Running Club)
Venue: Karura KFEET
Runs: 1st Sunday of the month
Distance: 10km.
Cost: Ksh1000 (This includes a post-workout snack and entry fees to Karura).
Tell: 0728-667870
Name:Nairobi Hash House
Runs: Monday evening at 5:45pm
Venue: changes every week.
Distances: 6km for short run, 10km longer run.
Joining in: Ksh 200/= per run
Contact:, website
Karura Forest Runners
Runs: Thursday from 4:30pm
Meets: Karura KFEET Centre
Distance: 14km to 17km in
Venue: Karura Forest and the nearby Gigiri and Runda environs.
Fee: Ksh 200 (KFS recreation charges)
Contact: +254720765707
Name:Mazoezi Jogging Group
Runs: 9 am
Meets: Windsor Golf and Country Club in Nairobi
Distance: 5k
Venue: Windsor Golf and Country Club in Nairobi
Fee: Ksh 200 (KFS recreation charges)
Contact: 020 8647701 http://www.windsorgolfresort.c…d=303&Itemid=283


“Everybody’s talking about people breaking into houses but there are more people in the world who want to break out of houses.” -Thornton Wilder, writer (17 Apr 1897-1975)

Kenya has a rich repertoire of things one can do outdoors. There are attractions for the sportive kind looking for outdoor adventure, there are luxury safaris for those seeking less vigour. Besides, it is endowed with fine weather all year round. Be it backpacking, riverine walks, undulating hills, horseback rides, sunrises and sunset, bird – watching, swimming, nature walks, cycling, game drives or wilderness trekking, sandy beaches,  a beautiful of landscapes, birds, plants, and fascinating cultures  Kenya has it all.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or need an occasional one off outdoor excursion for a new experience, this website will guide you on how to get there. You will find one day excursion, longer excursions require camping or hotel lodge and mostly budget travels

But perhaps your fancy is not in our list. In that case feel free to send us a word and we shall do a research for you.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit the places and try them out.

Where the services are offered by the government, they are quite affordable. Moreover you don’t need to wait until you can make a large group of friends. There are many groups organising schedule excursions around the country. You only need to search online and join in but read the reviews of those who have used them.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit the places and try them out.

How and Where

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