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Internal Affairs unit

Internal Affairs Unit


Internal Affairs Unit is a Unit within National Police Service established under section 87 of The National Police Service Act, chapter 84 laws of Kenya with the mandate of receiving and investigating complaints against police. Sub- section 7 furthers states that the Unit shall be located in a separate office from the rest of the service.


To restore glory of the National Police Service to its professional standards.


To conduct thorough, timely and impartial investigations of alleged police misconduct.


Service with Integrity.


  1. Receiving and investigating complaints against police
  2. Promoting uniform standards of discipline and good order in the service
  3. Keeping a record of facts of any complaints or investigations made to it
  4. Without making prejudice to sub section (2), the Unit may where necessary   investigate and recommend appropriate action; in respect of any one found engaging in any unlawful conduct.
  5. In the performance of its functions, the Unit shall be subject to article 47 of the Constitution. The Unit shall investigate misconduct and hear complainants from Members of the Service or members of the public.


  1. Promote highest standards of professionalism and discipline
  2. Prevent corruption and promote transparency and accountability
  3. Comply with constitutional standards of Human rights and fundamental freedoms
  4. Promote high standards of competence, integrity and respect for fundamental human rights freedoms
  5. Foster and promote relationships with the society.

In exercising its roles, the Unit may recommend the following disciplinary actions to the Inspector General and copy to the NPSC:

  1. The interdiction of the officer
  2. The suspension of an officer
  3. The Administration of a severe reprimand or a reprimand to control or influence the pay, allowances or conditions of service
  4. Any other lawful action.

 How to make a complaint:

  1. Visiting our offices/ nearest police stations
  2. Through letters P.O Box 44249 -00100 Nairobi or bring in person.
  3. Through-email–iau@nationalpolice.go.ke ,           internalaffairsunitkenya@gmail.com
  4. Social media – Twitter – @ NPSOfficial-KE
  5. Through the media


On receipt of your complaint, we shall;

  1. Listen
  2. Inspire confidence by acknowledging your complaint immediately
  3. Support with relevant information
  4. Take ownership and treat complaint responsibly and with confidentiality
  5. Explain what can and cannot be done
  6. Notify on progress within 21 days and provide final outcome

Getting in touch:


Internal Affairs Unit,

National Police Service,

KCB Towers-Upper Hill.

P.O Box 44249 -00100,


Tel: 020 2221969, 0798474619.




Contact in charge County, Sub county /Division Kenya Police/ Directorate of Criminal Investigations/ Administration Police within your reach. You may also visit our office in person where you will get assistance.

Members of IAU and Referral Partners;

The Unit currently has 56 members all drawn from KPS,APS and DCI. The unit is still housed at Jogoo Hse ‘A’ Office of Inspector General ground floor West wing but plans are under way for relocation at KCB Towers Upper Hill. The Unit works hand in hand with referral partners like; IPOA; KNHRC; ODPP; NPSC; EACC; CAJ; WITNESS PROTECTION AGENCY; IJM and IMLU

Donor Partners – (Currently mostly the US Embassy).

The above listed partners have helped members of the public to get justice by referring them to the rightful office where they usually get help.


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