February 2024
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Immaculate Kassait

Immaculate Kassait was a Director of Elections and voter education at IEBC. She was one of the top managers that Nasa wanted to be prosecuted for electoral malpractices mentioned in the court ruling that nullified the August  8 2017 elections. Others included the IEBC Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba, Deputy CEO Betty Nyabuto-Sungura, ICT head James Muhati and head of legal services Praxedes Tororey.

She vehemently opposed the opening of the IEBC servers for scrutiny and so become the face of the scandal that delivered what Nasa officials referred as vifaranga wa Computer.

Immaculate Kassait’s was also one of the IEBC officials summoned by EACC over the Chickengate Scandal in which British firm Smith and Ouzman was fraudulently awarded a tender of printing electoral materials after paying hefty bribes to electoral officials. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) of Britain successfully prosecuted two directors of Smith and Ouzman for giving Kenyan officials bribes that amounted to Sh50 million.

Before that Nasa had wanted her thrown out of IEBC siting opaqueness in the tendering


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