February 2024
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Chickengate or Chicken Scandal

Chickengate or Chicken Scandal was bribery for contract malpractice that occurred when a  British printing firm, Smith & Ouzman Ltd, paid kickbacks of up to Sh50 million to secure contracts for the printing of Kenya’s ballot papers and examination certificates.

Evidence tendered in a UK court showed that the directors of the company and conduits for the money used the code word “chicken” for the bribes they paid out.

Among the emails presented in court is one from one Trevy James Oyombra confirming that he had assured the electoral body officials that the print firm will definitely give the chicken.

In an email from to Christopher Smith on December 29, 2008, Trevy details a meeting and confirms he has promised a public official some chicken, it was said.

“Hello Smith, I was successful in the mission – two hours of his time, we spoke at length, he was also surprised I knew a lot of procurement regulations and loopholes…”,’ wrote Trevy.

“Well, he has given me a lot of back information that would be helpful to you.

“First he asked me if you were a nice guy and if you gave chicken and yes, I told him that is why I was there.

“He is very comfortable working with me because I told him we have to work with you and you will make that change in his life.”

There was also a suggestion to “increase costs in a reasonable manner” and emails confirming “we will definitely give them the chicken”, jurors heard.

Peter mentioned in the scandal included the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chairman Issack Hassan, Immaculate Kassait was a Director of Elections and voter education at IEBC, IEBC chief executive Ezra Chiloba


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