February 2024
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Boaz Okoth

Boaz Okoth was a Migori County Assembly Speaker who together with 13 other suspects, in December 2020 spent a night in police custody in Kisumu after they were arrested over alleged graft offences.

Peter GesoreThe accused took plea before Kisumu Law Courts Chief Magistrate Peter Gesore where they denied 11 counts relating to graft allegations and were remanded in various police stations in Kisumu.

The accused faced 11 charges including conspiracy to commit an offense of corruption, fraudulent acquisition of public property, failure to comply with procurement laws, management of public funds, and abuse of office.

Boaz alongside 10 others in the first charge were accused of misappropriating Ksh.10 million from Migori County Assembly in which came to be referred to as Migori County Assembly Scandal.

The Speaker and 7 others were also accused of directing the Clerk of the Assembly to expend funds appropriated for development purposes into the payment of recurrent expenditure totalling to Ksh.25 million.


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