October 2022
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8 Provinces of Kenya


Before the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, the Republic of Kenya was administratively subdivided into eight provinces. Each province was headed by a provincial commissioner (PC) appointed by the president.

These provinces were further subdivided into districts. The total number of districts before the district creation frenzy of the 1990s was 46 (excluding Nairobi) each under District Commissioner (DC). Districts were divided into divisions, each Division under a Division Officer (DO). Then divisions were further divided into 2,427 locations and then 6,612 sub-locations.


The provinces were Nairobi province

  1. Central province
  2. Coast province
  3. Eastern province
  4. Nairobi
  5. North Eastern province
  6. Nyanza province
  7. Rift Valley Province
  8.  Western province



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