Ol Karia Geothermal Spa baby pool

The Spa, Hells gate, Naivasha

Area Lake
Refreshments A la carte hotel on site
Baby pool Yes
Lifeguard None
Opening hours 6:00a.m. to 6:00 p.m

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The spa at Hells gate is a Kengen venture at Olkaria II geothermal power station. It is operated by the geothermal company as a hot spring by allowing some of the hot underground water that would otherwise have been used to generate electricity, to collect into a pool (after going through two cooling stages). Not much of swimming goes on there really as most people are just frolicking in the hot water. On account of the temperature, the spa features a baby pool.

Getting there
Drive, walk and ride through hells gate until you get to Olkaria II

The spa being within the KWS managed Game Park is a bit of a drawback as you would have to pay both the park fees and the spa fees.

Park fees – Citizens
adults – Ksh. 350
children – Ksh. 250

Park fees – Foreigners
Resident adults – Ksh. 700 Non-resident adults – USD 30
Resident children – Ksh. 350 Non-resident children – USD 20

Swimming fees – Citizens
adults – Ksh. 400
children – Ksh. 100

Swimming fees – foreigners
Resident adults – Ksh. 1,000 Non-resident adults – Ksh. 1,800
Resident children – Ksh. 500 Non-resident children – Ksh. 850

Other Amenities

  • Children play park
  • Restaurant
  • Hells gate national park

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