Sinoni Sports Club, Rongai

Size 25mx14m (82’x50′)
hotel facility Non-alcoholic hotel facility
Baby pool yes
Lifeguard yes
Diving board none
Opening hours 9:00am – 6:00pm ( Mon-Sunday)


This 5 lane swimming pool is situated in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County, along Gataka Road. Sinoni Sports Club is a no alcohol-no tobacco zone. This makes it ideal for outdoor activity for the underage. Its leafy ambience makes it ideal for relaxation even for non-swimmers as they wait on the swimmers.

Baby: It features a detached spacious baby pool though not fenced off.

Other Services
-Salon and barber services
-Gym and aerobics
-Event grounds
-Nyama choma at sh800 per Kg

Getting there:
From the Nairobi end, drive to Tuskys chap-chap (please note there are two Tuskys in Rongai about 1.4km apart), about 2.6km from the Uchumi Supermarket. Take the dirt road directly opposite the stage, a long straight stretch of 1.2km. Drive along it without diverting until you get to its T-junction with Gataka Road. The Sinoni driveway is at this T junction.

Alternatively, to avoid the congestion of Rongai, you can take Gataka Road from the Uchumi supermarket and drive 2.7km till you notice the signboard for Sinoni.

Public Transport
Take the buses to Rongai and alight at the Tuskys chap-chap stage (please note there are two Tuskys in Rongai about 1.4km apart). At the Tuskys chapchap take a boda-boda and ask to be taken to Sinoni sports club along Gataka Road.

Charges: Ksh 300 per day.

Contact: 0724324272