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Scenic View Hotel, Thika

Area 24mx12m (80’x40’)
Refreshments Bar and restaurant
Baby pool Detached
Lifeguard yes
Diving No
Opening hours 9:00a.m to 6:00p.m

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Set within a mango farm, this swimming pool offers its own kind of experience in the hot climate of Thika.  At 24 metres the pool is long enough for lap swimming.

It is located along the Thika-Mang’u road about 5 kilometres from Thika flyover (interchange).

Baby pool: The baby pool is detached from the main pool, thus giving mothers peace of mind should they want to swim in the in the main pool. HowevImage result for scenic thikaer, access to the pool area is chargeable weather one swimming or not so budget accordingly should you want to visit this pool.


  • Adults – sh200
  • Children – sh150

Other services
Meat at sh1200 per KG
Bears sh200

Other attractions
Caves and nature trail

Location map

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