Natare Garden, Kerarapon Swimming Pool

Pool size  25m x 13 m
Baby pool
Opening hours 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m
Adults Children
400 200
 Pool size 25mx13m
Refreshments picnic site
Baby pool yes
Lifeguard Yes
Opening hours 9:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m

Description: The Swimming pool is actually at Serare School next to Natare Gardens. It is set in the backdrop of the beautifully, manicured gardens and lush grounds in Kerarapon. The landscaped grounds contain a waterfall, fountain, and is perfect for a variety of family and corporate occasions.

There is ample parking and security. Catering services, PA systems, tents, and bouncing castles are available upon request.

Payment: Cash, Mpesa, card

Other Facilities

Lush grass grounds Catering services PA systems Tents for hire bouncing castles are available upon request.


Adults Children
300 200

Getting there:

Driving: Drive on Ngong road up to the Ngong road / Kerarapon drive junction. The junction is popularly known us Umoja and you may notice the Maasai Girls School. Turn into the road and drive 700 metres to a junction to Serare school and Natare gardens. Your destination will be 70m away.

Public means: Take the public transport that takes the Karen-Ngong Route. Ask to be dropped off at the Umoja bus stage. From here take a boda-boda to the Natare gardens about800m on Kerarapon drive or simply walk to the location. Location map

Contact: Tel +0722 3352, 0713 899147, 1st Drive, Ngong

Phone0712 681411

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