Masai eco lodge, Kajiado

Size 18mx10m (66’x34’)
Refreshments Restaurant
Baby pool Attached
Lifeguard No
Opening hours 9:00 a.m to 6:00p.m

The Swimming is found in the rustic setting of Maasai echo lodge, Kajiado. The lodge is located 19km from Kajiado town, the Headquarters of Kajiado county. It is off the Kajiado-Namanga highway. It is a nice stopover on your way to the Tanzania border or a night out. It is a great place to swim especially during the cold months of Kenya as the place tends to remain quite warm in comparison.

Size: The pool is 18m metres long, irregular shape.

Events & Teambuilding grounds

Baby pool: The baby pool is attached to the main pool at

the shallow end and separated using pillars. There is no lifeguard on site and adult watch is advised.

Other facilities

  • A sports field features a number of things including an open well-manicured field and an obstacle course.
  • Meat on order
  • accommodation
  • conference hall
  • cycling field
  • quad biking
  • Hiking

Getting There:
The Maasai echo lodge is located 19km from Kajiado town, off the Kajiado-Namanga highway.

Adult sh300