swimming in Kenya

Kenya’s sunny weather makes it ideal for swimming. No wonder then, swimming pools are dotted all over the country. You can find them in the countryside, in peri-urban areas, and in the middle of the cities and towns. They are inside buildings, outside buildings, on top of buildings, behind and front.

And you don’t have to know how to swim to enjoy the benefits of immersing your self in water. If you cannot swim, let the therapeutic water careless and massage your body, just immersing yourself in a pool.

Most hotels offer swimming facilities to their resident guest. Some of these allow access to the facilities to walk in swimmers. We refer to them as open to the public. Some are open to the public but with conditions such as joining the gym,  paying monthly membership or buying a meal or seminar.

Swimming pools around the Nairobi CBD maybe ideal to someone who wants to swim in between work hours e.g over the lunch hour or late in the evening. They are also ideal for someone seeking a quiet swim as those in the peri-urban tend to get quite crowded with youngsters and children over the weekend.

Swimming pools that are away from major towns are ideal for someone looking for a weekend getaway for a sportive excursion.