How do you deal with swellings in a chicks head?

QuestionsCategory: chickenHow do you deal with swellings in a chicks head?
howandwhere Staff asked 10 months ago

My chicks have swellings in the head. The vet is unable to tell me whether it is fowl pox, fowl cholera or infectious coryza.
How do I make out the difference so that I can figure out the correct treatment?

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howandwhere Staff answered 10 months ago

Infectious coryza:

  • Facial swelling.
  • Purulent ocular and nasal discharge.
  • Swollen wattles.
  • Sneezing.
  • Dyspnoea.

fowl pox:

  • Warty, spreading eruptions and scabs on comb and wattles.
  • Caseous deposits in mouth, throat and sometimes the trachea.


  • Mouth open.
  • Drooling and repeated swallowing movements.
  • Loss of conditon.
  • Watery eyes in some birds
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