Paradise Lost

  Paradise lost is privately owned outdoor venue located between Kiambu town and Nairobi just after the bypass. The outdoors venue features more than 50km of cycling trail within the conservancy that runs through a forest reclaimed from a coffee farm but one can ride out into the surrounding coffee estates for longer and faster rides. With the wind in the trees and laughter in the air, the fun in of cycling with your friends and family leaves one refreshed. In case you don’t have own bikes are available for hire at sh500 per hour.

Other outdoor activities to fill in your day at paradise lost, especially if you are in a large group such that all members are likely not to be into riding include

  1. Caving: Explore the caves under the waterfall of Gichi stream that runs through the Paradise Lost and experience the thrill of bat watching you pop-eyed us you bed double to struggle and find out what lies around the next corner.
  2. Boat riding: You will love paddling a canoe up the dam as you enjoy a cool drink in the sun. The gargle of the water in the waterfalls at both ends of the dam makes for music to occupy you as wrestle with your boat a venture that leaves and city dweller completely unwound.
  3. Waterfall. Spend some time at the stunning waterfall and let the melody of the falling water soothe you
  4. Picnic: The management of Paradise lost outdoor venue provides wonderful picnicking facilities that are usable all year round. The bandas are roofed and benches provided. You can opt to bring in your packed snacks or prepare your meal at the facilities. Charcoal grills are also provided. There are cooks on the ground for hire to help you prepare a meal.
  5. Fishing: Angling at the dam is a perfect past time. The dam is well stocked with tilapia, catfish and common carp. You bring your own fishing line the setup base at a serene point in the bushes by the shore of the dam and wait for that shake in the line.
  6. Horse riding or camel riding: This fun outdoor activity is available for children and adults alike. Not professional riding but fun all the same.
  7. Nature trails and Bird Watching: If you love natural flora and fauna you will have a feast at paradise lost. The reclaimed flora attracts a host of insects and birds. With a majority of visitors attracted to the dam and the picnic, the nature trail is refreshingly not over trodden leaving the outdoors nature trail enthusiast well compensate.

Having outdoor fun in Kenya