The first time, I ended up at Ololosokuan Nature Trail by chance. Cecilia, the KVZ, has never found a bar she did not wish visit. And so it happened on this occasion. I was headed to Kedong valley for a leisure drive when she spotted beer bottles on the signpost

for Savannah sunset lodge. She suddenly turned, went in past the gate and into the parking then stopped. The journey to Kedong ended.

The place was disserted. Okay. Not exactly. ?There was a single
mongrel barring the footpath. It lifted its head lazily, regarded me nonchalantly and resumed its midday nap. Then, on second thought rose and retreated into the bushes. I took its gesture as a kind way of indicating to me my welcome and proceeded down the path. Although there were two iron sheet structures, one painted black by soot, tacked at the head of the footpath, there was no sign of any life. I was just about to head back when a man emerged from the bush carrying a goat’s carcase and headed towards the soot.
“Faith”, he calls out and a young lady emerges from the other structure that serves as the bar. She too must have been having a midday nap.
“show our customer somewhere to sit.”  the man instructed. Which I found quite relevant as there was no evidence of sitting space anywhere. It was all bush and boulders. Faith, a petite woman in a ponytail, leaves her iron sheet haven and without talking to me heads down a footpath yawning. I follow her down the rabbit hole and what an amazing wonderland!
I was still lost in the allure of the untamed wilderness following her like one in a trance when she suddenly stops in front of a table. I almost bump into her.
“Hapa ni sawa ama tuendelee?” she asks whether I like the sitting. When it comes to taking a beer, one place is as good as any other so I settle for the place. I order a Summit larger. They don’t have it. I order a Tusker. She starts her climb up the slope for my tusker.
That is when I notice them. There are other people. Couples slotted into alcoves in the bushes just like mine.
 After two beers the place became considerably more beautiful, more inspiring and I modify my CC5 project to include the place. After the fourth beer, I hit the nature trail. It was picturesque and inviting, rays of the setting sun penetrating into the bush making all the more alluring. It was also downhill. About thirty minutes and a bottle later, I needed to think of a refill. So I started heading back. It was uphill. No. It was uphill on five beers. It was also a bit dark and the crickets had ratcheted their chirping a notch higher. As a trudged up the hill, the burning pain in my chest and legs becoming more severe with each step, I started wondering what the headlines will read like should I collapse and expire in that bush.

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