Ngong Hills

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Location Ngong
Starting Point Ngong town
Ending point Option one 1: Ngong town
Option two 2: Kona Baridi
Walking Duration 5 hours
Prevalent Weather Windy
Terrain Motorable road, human foot paths on grass
Elevation Difference  500m
Difficulty Moderate


This hiking trail is in Kajido county but near Nairobi. The hikers objective is to climb Ngong hills, (notice the plural in its name. It is so named because it is a series of hills forming wNgong Hills Hiking/ Walking day Tourhat looks from a distance like knuckles of a clenched fist), all the seven hills of it with each peak a little higher than the next and end up either back at the starting point or traverse to the other side. This hike is suitable for beginners as one can turn back at any point on the trail. The walk is through a gazetted forest reserve under the Kenya forest Service with the highest peak rising to 2460m above sea level.

Route Description
Option one – Return: The hike starts from Ngong town at the northern foot of the hill at elevation of 1960m above sea level. You eastwards on the road leading to the government offices upto the Oloolaiser secondary turn off and right turn just after the police station. The first section, about 2km long to the forest gate, is take n through a motorable road, passing through settlements. At the gate you register with KFS as you take a water break and continue with the same gentle ascent, through light forest, open grass fields and the windmill farm until you get to the road head. Walk past the pilots beacon that marks the beginning of the landing aeroplanes glide path to JKIA.

Follow the footpath into the grasslands as it drops and rises one false peak after another. All along the way expect a fantastic view of the expansive floor of the Great Rift Valley, that contrasts sharply with the bird’s eye view of the Nairobi city. After three or so false peaks the trail leads into a forest area that is awe inspiring in its silence. Tread carefully listening for buffalos until the peak.

Beginner Hikes in Kenya- Ngong Hills

You may lunch or snack at the peak as you grab a well-deserved rest. From here you walk back to the gate and on ward to Ngong town through the same trail.

Option two – Traverse: Take the hike as in option one until you get to the peak. Rest briefly at the peak then walk on following the trail towards to the open grasslands. A good place to rest is the open fields with the view of ole Sekut hills, ole polos country club, and magadi snaking down below. From there is downhill all the way to kona baridi.

Getting There

Public means: Take bus number 111 to Ngong town from the Railways terminus.  If you intend to start your trek from Ngong town, then you are good to go. But in case you prefer to start the trek at the sanctuary gate, hire a boda-boda, taxi or tuk-tuk to take you to the gate.

For the two way hike then you will return to this starting point. For the transverse hike, take matatus from kona baridi to Kiserian and onward to Nairobi through Rongai or Ngong.

Driving: Drive to Ngong town and park within the parking lots of Ngong town (the parking is charged on weekdays). Alternatively you can drive to the sanctuary gate and park there.

In case of traverse hike arrange for someone to drive your car to Kona Baridi allowing for 4-5 hours hike time.

Other Attractions:

Other attractions a group can combine with this hike are

Picnicking at Ngong hills
Roast meat at Ole polos
Swimming at Ole tepesi
Swimming at Ole polos
Swimming at Jordan breeze

Entry fee

The entry fee is paid to to Kenya Forest Service officers at the gate.

Adult – Ksh 200

Escort: Incidents of criminals  robbing valuables from small groups or isolated individuals have been reported on these hills. It is therefore advisable to take armed escort from KFS rangers or Administration police before leaving Ngong town if you are in a small party.

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