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Karura Forest Hiking Trails

Activity Walking, cycling, running
Location Nairobi, Gigiri
Starting Point Limuru Road Gate
Ending point Limuru Road Gate
Walking Duration 2 – 4 hours
Terrain Muram gravelled foot paths.
Difficulty Very easy walk.

Besides taking a peaceful stroll through a wilderness in the middle of the city, the objective of walking in the Karura hiking trails is to cover the distance marked in the chosen trail.

Trail Description
The Karura hiking trails combine to a total length of 50km. Some of these trails are shared with runners and cyclists and are marked by numbered posts at every junction to make it easy to complete and not wander away from the chosen trail. There are three trails each coded a different colour: Yellow – 5km, blue – 10km, or Green – 15km.  Any of the trails is easy enough for most people to complete but can be made more challenging by increasing the pace or getting lost.

Deviating away from the designated trails or releasing a dogImage result for karura route marks is prohibited.

Start from the gate on Limuru road then follow the marked directions. You can consult and memorise the map at the gate and note the numbers of the milestones that will take you through your trail as well pass particular attractions, e.g caves, waterfall, beehives or yImage result for karura route marksou can purchase a map and support the Friends of Karura in its initiative to maintain the forest. The walk to Karura caves and waterfalls is about 6km from this gate and is a popular destination to rest and let the gurgle of the miniature waterfall talk to you.

And in talking to your it might remind you that, the serenity of Karura hinds its resilience in resisting organised and organic affronts into its existence, thegreatest of which was during the dying years of the nyayo kleptocracy that saw bloody confrontations between conservationist and wheeler-dealers who were hell bent to subdivide the forest among themselves. To date it is not clear whether the private land titles issued on Karura were revoked. It now covers an area of 2570 acres.

You will also be thrilled by the constant awareness of some animals around you, most that you can only hear but not see, but occasionally you stumble upon some that scamper away.

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Getting There
Despite being so close to the city centre of Nairobi, finding the gate can be difficult. Mainly because not all gates are open on all days and times. The surest way is to target the main gate that is along Limuru road, opposite the Belgian Embassy.

If driving from the Muthaiga side, you take Limuru Road and turnoff right immediately after crossing the bridge near the Belgian Embassy. Please note that this is a busy highway and therefore allow for ample signalling period.

If using an electronic navigator, put your final destination as Belgian Embassy

Public means
Take matatus to Gigiri, Rwaka or village market (numbers Numbers 11B, 106, 107, 108, 114 or 116 11) and alight at the bridge just after Muthaiga North round about. Please note that there is a road up near Muthaiga north called Karura Road. So be specific to the conductor that you want to alight at the Karura forest gate or just the Belgium Embassy. Also on your way out, be aware that matatus may not stop here to pick passengers, in which case you have to walk five minutes to Muthaiga north shopping centre


Adult Child
Kenyan and EAC Citizens Ksh 100 Ksh 40
Residents Ksh 200 Ksh 100
Non-residents Ksh 600 Ksh 300

The forest is open to recreation visitors from 6am to 6pm every day.

Friends of Karura – Ksh 300 per 2 hrs.

Other facilities
Picnicking – sh100 per person
Lawn tennis, restaurant, field
Maps at sh500

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