Iria Maina Waterfall, Bomet

Are you looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature in Bomet County? Then book a date with Iria Maina waterfall on Itare river in Konoin and you will not be disappointed.

The river has several waterfalls downstream, besides caves on its banks, which make Iria Maina area a potential tourist attraction in the Western region circuit.

Iria Maina simply means a shield or shelter offering visitors a chance to sample nature in its undiluted state, according to area ward representative Robert Bett.

“There are also rare species of bats that reside in these caves,” says Mr Bett.

So far, the site has been drawing visitors from the surrounding primary and secondary schools who flock to the area during the holidays to sample its beauty.

The MCAs says the country may in future to charge visitors.

The money generated, he says, will be used to improve the site.

The Boita Ward representative explains that the caves were as a result of residents digging the river bank to extract saline stones for their livestock.

He says the caves contain several pools of water and are supported by natural pillars.

Residents believe that visitor’s torches go off when one enters the caves and only lit wooden splinters can work.

“As a county, we want to make use of these waterfalls to generate hydro power and at the same harness them as tourist attraction sites to attract more tourists to the county,” says Mr Bett.

Bomet County Assembly Speaker Geoffrey Kipngetich says the Iria Main power project is expected to supply electricity to more than 2,000 people.

County trade and tourism chief officer Kilel Sang’ Mutai says although Bomet is largely an agriculture-depended economy, the hydro power to be tapped from the river could help spur the region’s economic growth.

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