3 day Karuru waterfall


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Location Aberdares
Starting Point Kahuruko forest gate
Ending point Kahuruko forest gate
Walking Duration 3 days
Terrain Motorable road or mashes
Difficulty Easy
Elevation gain 600m and 300m

The objective of the hiker is to spend 3 days exploring the western side of the Aberdare mountain range the includes the feted Karuru falls.  Since it is high altitude hiking all the way, the hike may be suitable for anyone wishing to acclimatise for a higher mountain challenge such as Mt. Kenya or Mt. Kilimanjaro trek.

Day 1. The hike starts from the forest gate at Kahuruko. After zipping boots, you take the tarmac road leading up to the park gate. You walk the afforested part of the KFS managed forest that rapidly gives way to thick bamboo. The road gets lonely and treacherous as it meanders through the thick bamboo forest with deep ravines on one side and steep slopes on the other. The climb is stead gain from 2600 metres asl to 3200 metres asl.
Pitch camp at the park gate for an overnight stay.

Day 2: From the Mutubio park gate whence you walk down a motorable road for half a kilometre then turn right into the moorland. You descend gently towards the catchment of the tributary to the Karuru river and walk along the edges following animal trails till your trail intercepts the road again. Alternatively, if you please, you can walk along the road, but it will be longer.

Once you get to the road, walk along it until you get to the campsite. After a short rest, you walk down a steep path, across the bridges with crystal clear water and up to the viewpoint.

The other alternative is to walk along the motorable road from the gate until you get to the first turning to the right. Take this right turn, then walk along it to the campsite and onwards to the viewpoint.

After a time well spent listening to the music of the waterfalls, you walk back to the park gate for an overnight stay.

Day 3: You start early morning to descend the 10 km to the forest gate.

KWS rangers

Standard KWS park fees
Standard KWS rangers fees

Getting there
Public means:
Take matatus to Kahuruko

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