Mt Kenya Packing List


Mt Kenya Trekking, What to Carry

Trekking up mount Kenya to Lenana peak does not require any technical gear or rock climbing skills (barefoot it). All you need is a good pair of legs, endurance and some humour. Nevertheless, there some things you need to carry with you to make your life more bearable. Some things will be provided by your tour guide others will not. It is imperative you find out what is included in your package to avoid duplication or lacking some crucial personal effect while up there.

The mountain climate is capricious. Clouds can appear suddenly, quickly degenerate to soaking rain, and give way to sunshine within the hour. Early morning frost is common every other day of the year. Therefore hikers are advised to take their outdoor gear serious.

Things usually included in the trip package by the tour guide

  1. KWS Park fees
  2. Transport to and from the Nearest town (Nanyuki, Naromoru, Chogoria) to the park gate.
  3. Accommodation while on the mountain (bunkhouses or tents)
  4. Three meals a day whilst in the mountain
  5. Guide, Cooks & Porters

Things usually not included in the trip package.

  1. Accommodation other than on the mountain prior to & after the trip
  2. Hotel meals out of the mountain
  3. Grants & Tips
  4. Personal bites/ energy bars taken while hiking
  5. Alcoholic drinks

Recommended personal effects.

Pack light as the guide may require you to carry or discard some items if your rucksack if too heavy. Start with the must-have items then throw in the luxury items if space and weight allows.

Face towel
Lip Balm
Hand Sanitizer
Toilet Paper
Wet Wipes
Snacks, light-weight, high calorie, high energy (optional)

Rain Gear
Hiking trousers or shorts
Rain Trouser
Raincoat or Poncho
Bin liners (for lining bags)
Waterproof (paper) bags (for electronics)
Long Underwear (moisture-wicking fabric recommended)
Short Sleeve Shirt, light-weight, moisture-wicking fabric

Warmth Gear
Balaclava or cap (Woollen, fleece or Thinsulate) for your head
Puff Jacket (down, fleece, fibre or Thinsulate) avoid wool
Thermal underwear
Fleece Jacket

Hiking Boots
Thick socks (3 pairs)
Gym shoes, Sneakers or trainers (for resting in the evenings)

Sleeping Bag 15°C [4 seasons]
Sleeping mat (if camping)

Trekking Aids
Walking Sticks
Head Torch
Large Ruck Suck (from 60litres to be Carried by porters)
Small Day bag (20 to 30 litres for your hiking needs)

Optional comfort accessories;
Wet wipes
Personal travel insurance cover
Personal healthy bites/ snacks.
Passport/Identification Card
Prescription drugs
WC liner
Pencil and Notebook, miniature, for trip log
Camera, with extra batteries
Power bank
Book reader or book
Board game/playing cards
Sunglasses or Goggles
Vacuum flask
Camel-back water pouch
Stuff bags

Statutory Requirements
ID Passport
Vaccination cards (passing through the airport)

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