Lipa na M-Pesa Do More Promotion

The Safaricom lipa na m-pesa do more promotion is a Safaricom customer reward system kicked off in 8th January 2020 to run through 5th March, 2020.  There is one for the subscriber and another for Merchants (read agents).

In the Lipa na m-pesa do more promotion both prepay and postpay subscribers will earn points for any Lipa Na M_PESA buy goods and pay bill transactions of over Shs100 done during the promotion period.

The Promotion will be conducted on a regional basis based on the favourite location of the subscriber in the past three  (3)  months. The regions  are  as follows:

  • Nairobi
  • Central/Mount Kenya
  • Nyanza
  • Western
  • Rift Valley
  • Coast
  • Eastern
  • North Eastern

Entry  into  the   Promotion
Eligible subscribers will be automatically opted into the Promotion upon performing a qualifying transaction on M-PESA. Performance of the following  transactions  will  earn  you  points in  this  Promotion:

(i)       For  individual prepay   and  postpay subscribers

  • Pay Bill  transactions  on “Lipa Na  M-PESA;” and
  • Buy  Goods  transactions  on “Lipa  Na M-PESA”.

(ii)  For M-PESA Merchants, all transactions from the till.


(a) The Promotion is open to:
(i) All Safaricom subscribers (Prepay and Postpay) whether existing, inactive and new that will be on-boarded during the promotion period
(ii) All Lipa Na M-PESA merchants/tills who are registered on M-PESA whether existing, inactive and new that will be on-boarded during the Promotion Period.

(b) This Promotion is available on all tariffs.
(c) Subscribers must be eighteen (18) years old and above while merchants must have a contractual capacity as well as a valid business license and all relevant registration documents required under the low to participate in the Promotion.

How to Participate

Subscriber Participation
(a) Prepay and Postpay subscribers will earn points for any Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods and Pay Bill
transactions over KShs. 100 done during the Promotion Period.
(b) All Prepay and Postpay subscribers will earn 1 point for every KShs. 100 transacted.
(c) Only transactions above KShs. 100 will qualify Customers to earn points.
(d) Every point earned by o Customer will give each Customer one entry into the daily surprise gift,
bi-weekly and the final draw.
(e) Daily surprise gifts, bi-weekly and final prizes will be awarded as per the prize matrix.
(f) Daily surprise gifts will be awarded to one Customer per minute/per region (8 regions) for 2.4
hours throughout the Promotion Period.
(g) A Customer who wins the daily winnings will qualify for bi-weekly winnings and final draw.
(h) A Customer who wins the bi-weekly winning will not win the final prize.
(i) If a transaction is reversed, points will be reversed but daily winning will not be reversed.
(j) A confirmation SMS message informing the Customer of the points earned will be sent to the Customer as a second message as soon as the qualifying transaction is complete following the M-PESA transaction.

Merchant Participation.
(a) Buy Goods merchants will receive 25% cashback of the charges paid by the till every day at midnight.
(b) For Buy Goods merchants where the cost is borne by the Customer, neither the merchant nor the

Customer will receive the cash bock.
(c) Every KShs. 100 collected or transacted from the till equals to l point.
(d) Qualifying transactions: All transactions from the till.
(e) If o transaction is reversed, both points and cashback will be reversed.
(F) Every point earns you an entry into the weekly, biweekly and final merchant draws.

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