kienyeji chicken farming


You have some little money to invest and you are wondering whether to start a chicken farming business. Some of the questions that would be going through your head are whether chicken farming is profitable or how to start a profitable poultry farm

Like every business, careful planning is important when starting an agribusiness. When it comes to chicken the profit comes by dint of you , the farmer, having a sound business plan.

In this article we give you hints on how to make your chicken agribusiness viable and some of the loopholes should I look out for?

Wha is Kienyeji chicken?

Kienyeji chicken refers to indigenous breeds of chicken that can be reared on a free-range environment?

How can I start a chicken farm in Kenya

starting a chicken rearing business requires that you at least have some land. Although some urban dwellers have tried keeping

How much money can a chicken farmer make? Are kienyeji chicken reared for meat or for eggs? What breeds exist?

How to Start Profitable Kienyeji Chicken Farming in KenyaHow much profit does a chicken farmer make?How much is a Kienyeji chicken?

How much money can a chicken farmer make?

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